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With Freestyle Adventure Travel to Antarctica

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Are you looking for informations about how to find the best last minute offer to Antarctica? Then you can read all about it here because this article is focused only on our experiences of booking a last minute trip to Antarctica with Freestyle Adventure Travel.

The small travel agency of Sarah Scott and Gabriel Chocron is situated in a small side road. Only an inconspicuous sign „Freestyle Adventure Travel Bunker“ shows you the way to the office. But colorful advertisements are not needed here, because almost always the cozy office is well attended.

Antarktis Ushuaia Freestyle Adventure Travel
Hier geht’s zu Freestyle Adventure Travel

Since some time during our trip around the world we already knew that we also wanted to travel to Antarctica and especially to South Georgia! Therefore, we informed us in advance about possible dates and ships. For more information about the various cruises and ships you can read this article.

A fellow traveler and friend which has been recently traveled to Antarctica recommended the travel agents from Freestyle Adventure Travel and in hindsight, we can say that this recommendation was worth gold! Thus, we can also just highly recommend the travel agency of Sarah and Gabriel without restrictions.

As already mentioned, we had a clear idea about our planned trip. We knew the various dates and ship sizes we were interested in. Our aim was: a journey to Antarctica, necessarily with the Falkland Islands and South Georgia, with a ship size of no more than 120 passengers.

Since we just found ourselves in the middle of our trip around the world and were at this timepiont on a road trip through North America, we had neither the head nor even the time to look for good deals for ourselves. So we got in touch with the team of Freestyle Adventure Travel.

Antarktis Ushuaia Freestyle Adventure Travel
Der Weg zum Büro

We shared all our needs and wishes in detail with Sarah. The contact with Sarah was always very friendly and she was extremely helpful. We never had to wait a long time for her answers. So we were easily able to clarify many of our questions by email in advance. Now we could relax on the way through Canada and Alaska to explore the rest of the United States.

Approximately 8 – 6 weeks before the first of our requested traveling dates we got emails from time to time with different last minutes offers, as each of the customers of Freestyle Adventure Travel is kept up to date of all the latest discount offers via newsletter. This is very convenient especially if you are more flexible in your choice of routes and dates and if you are mostly interested in finding travel opportunities for small money.

The deals were mostly 2000 US$ below the normal price. But so far, there were no trips here to South Georgia. So we still tried, as the germans say, to „keep calm and drink tea“. This is of course easier said than done, but also here was the team of Freestyle Adventure Travel really helpful and calmed us, that we would still have plenty of time and after all, it is not called last minute offer without a reason.

A little later we got a great offer by email from Sarah. The right destinations, the right ship and a really good prize! Only the date did not fit. Unfortunately, our flight was already booked for a day later as the cruise left and a rebooking with the airline turned out to be very difficult if not impossible. But it was a first good offer and now we were really enthusastic that they would find the right cruise for us!

As soon as we landed in Ushuaia we went directly to the office of Sarah and Gabriel. It was early November and our nervousness rose and rose since we had adapted our entire itinerary in North America and South America on this trip to Antarctica.

The two greeted us extremely welcoming. After a few minutes we had the feeling that we would talk with good old friends. The open and friendly nature of the two was just great. Again, they calmed us and said, or almost promised, that they will get us 100% on a cruise to Antarctica. This sounded great for us!

While we drank a coffee and Gabriel gave us numerous nifty tips about different excursions, accommodation and currency exchanges in Ushuaia, Sarah wrote directly to the cruise companies. And just minutes later she could offer us a perfect deal: 20 days on the MS Sea Spirit to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica and for 50% off! What an absolute crazy good offer!!

Of course, we did not hesitate for a second, said immediately „Yes“ and before we knew it, we already signed the contracts! Hard to believe. We were completely exhausted from the flight but at the same time completely euphoric. A wish came true.

The next days we went regularly to Sarah and Gabriel because at the Freestyle Adventure Travel office you are always heartly welcome at any time. Whether to use the Internet for further research, to drink a coffee or to browse through the many books of Antarctica and South America.

In addition, we got here in touch with many other travelers with which we could exchange experiences and they also had one or another helpful tip for us. No wonder, the office of Sarah and Gabriel is mostly always well attended … and for a good reason!

So if you are looking for competent and friendly advices, then come to the Freestyle Adventure Travel office of Sarah and Gabriel. And if you’re looking for the best deals,  you have to come to Freestyle Adventure Travel because the deals, which Sarah and Gabriel find are simply unbeatable!

And so Sarah and Gabriel found our dream trip to South Georgia, the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula at an affordable price for us. And what shall we say? It was really an indescribeable experience and worth every penny! We would do it everytime again the same way.

Thanks Sarah Scott and Gabriel Chocron of Freestyle Adventure Travel for this incredible once in a lifetime experience!

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